The beginning of our Rad Pumpkins

In 2006 we decided to play a rather morbid joke on Sarah’s man of honour, Dave. He had come home after a summer away to find two crows dead in the fireplace of his house. He threw a Halloween party that year (again at the legendary Oxford House), so we decided to carve a pumpkin with two crows on it and set it up in his fireplace when he wasn’t looking.

We’re still not sure we didn’t cross some kind of line with that prank, since the house was obviously haunted. But the custom-built jack-o-lantern is still something we’re proud of, and it started a tradition. Each year on Hallowe’en, we try to carve a “Rad Pumpkin”. It doesn’t have to be incredible, it just has to be fun and creative. Last October, we celebrated our 8th Pumpkin-aversary!

Here’s the list:

2006 – Ghost Crows
2007 – Kitty and Rats of Nimh
2008 – HALLO-Kitty
2009 – Spider and Web
2010 – Darth Vader and the Death Star
2011 – Linus and the Great Pumpkin, and his little spider friend
2012 – Smaug
2013 – Cute T-Rex