Ceremony & Reception

Our Ceremony at Ivy Lodge

We got married under the big tree on the grounds of one of Crescent Beach’s oldest buildings, Ivy Lodge.

Ivy Lodge turned 100 in 2012 and is currently home to Sarah’s mom, Jane. The house has been home to a lot of people over the years – including us! Sarah’s grandparents lived in the house when she was growing up, and her brother Mike just recently moved out. When we lived there in 2007, we came to love the big tree in the front yard – a home to eagles, herons and other important spirits – and have always said that if we got married, we would love to do so under the tree. This tree is especially meaningful because the ashes of Sarah’s grandparents rest beneath it.

Even if you haven’t lived at Ivy Lodge, many of you have probably spent a lot of time in the comfort of its walls. We were honoured to have you gather with us there once again!

Inspired by a beautiful wedding we attended last summer, our ceremony began with separate gatherings of the women and men, a time for sharing advice, well-wishes, stories, and wisdom. Following the gatherings, the men and women came together under the tree for the official marriage ceremony. Immediately after the ceremony, we enjoyed taking a group photo of everyone under the tree.

Our Reception at Elgin Hall

Festivities took place at Elgin Hall. Built in 1923, Elgin Hall’s rich wood paneling saw a young Peggy Yakimov, mother of the groom, perform the highland sword dance. Come have a yummy dinner, see pictures of Sarah and Chris, and help them dance into their first morning as a married pair.

We decorated the stage at Elgin Hall with a pup tent, dangling hearts and a christmas light camp fire in honour of the proposal story. Thanks to some key help, we had dance music through the night, kicked off by our choreographed flash mob first dance. 🙂