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Sarah starts snowboarding

Snowboarding has been a long-time passion for Chris, and when he took Sarah out for the first  time, he was nervous that she wouldn’t like it. As you can see from the pictures of our first trip, his fears were unfounded in the end.

The beginning of our Rad Pumpkins

In 2006 we decided to play a rather morbid joke on Sarah’s man of honour, Dave. He had come home after a summer away to find two crows dead in the fireplace of his house. He threw a Halloween party that year (again at the legendary Oxford House), so we decided to carve a pumpkin with two crows on it and set it up in his fireplace when he wasn’t looking.

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"Chris is a genius!"

Sarah Jamieson

There was a group of us there. None of us can remember the context of the conversation. BUT no one forgets these words Sarah said.


Finishing our time at UBC

When we met, we were both in the final year of our second degree programs at UBC. Chris was finishing up his thesis, and Sarah was studying way too much philosophy. One of the first trees we bonded over was the upside down tree at UBC. Sarah, being the type to attend orientation events, had learned about it when she started at UBC in 2000. Chris, being less inclined to participate, learned about the magical tree from Sarah. ♥

The first picture Chris took of Sarah

Sarah eats dill dip

We met on December 30th, 2005 at a New Year’s Eve Eve party thrown by Dave MacKenzie, our good friend, and man of honour, at the legendary Oxford House. Chris took this picture in the midst of  pressuring Sarah to eat a bit of cookie dipped in dill cream cheese. It probably took Chris another 4 years to really appreciate that Sarah eating dairy and wheat was not in his best interest!