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Our Story

We got engaged!

On Tuesday, January 14th, Sarah got home from work just before 10pm. She was talking to our friend Dave on the phone as she approached our apartment door. When she opened the door, saw the candles and the pictures and the writing, and heard Chris playing the guitar, she suddenly said, “I have to go!”

Chris nervously replied from the living room, “Are you talking to me?”

Luckily, she wasn’t. ♥

Cheat Funeral

Chris’ car, nicknamed “The Cheat” after the Homestar Runner decal that came with it, died one day after nine years of faithful service. Using a medley from “How I Met Your Mother,” Chris and Sarah plan a funeral to honour the passing of the car. Dave is invited. He brings recording equipment. And the funeral becomes a music video shoot. The Cheat would have loved it.

– Video and write-up by Dave MacKenzie

Site A63

Our camping trip to Golden Ears last August. The campfire ban put a damper on things, but friends lent us THE Yukon Legend (aka portable propane fire pit) and it saved the trip.

New York City!

The fall of 2012 found us in New York City to see a play written by Chris’ childhood friend Adam Bradley (and directed by our friend Noah Drew). The play, MiddleMan, was inspired by the writing in Chris’ thesis. It was very special for both of us to see it.

Party 1-30!

In 2012, Sarah turned 30 and the Crescent beach house (Ivy Lodge) turned 100 – a party was in order! This video is a short promotional – and educational – clip that Sarah, Chris, and Dave made for the party we affectionately refer to as Party One-Thirty.